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Dynamiclear is an Effective Solution to Herpes Outbreaks

Dynamiclear is the most Effective and Unique Herpes Treatment available. It is a Safe and Easy “topical” application (no pills & no suppressives) that is applied ONLY ONCE per each outbreak.

We guarantee it will work for you or you receive your money back.

Dynamiclear is specially formulated for HSV1 and HSV2, cold sores, genital herpes and fever blisters. It can also be applied to herpes simplex lesions which occur on other areas of the body, such as the face, nostrils, fingers, scalp, buttocks and other skin areas.

Dynamiclear is a non-prescription solution that is made of all natural ingredients.

“Now after treatment it is gone within 36 hours”

“I am very pleased with the results. It reduced the frequency as well as the severity of my outbreaks. When I had an outbreak before Dynamiclear, it would last 4-5 days, now after treatment it is gone within 36 hours. Thank you very much.”

~ A.M, Clermont, IA, USA

Dynamiclear has Proven Results

Dynamiclear eliminates HSV on direct contact and, after using Dynamiclear, many users report:

        1. Rapid healing of the infected area
        2. Marked reduction in frequency and intensity of outbreaks
        3. Partial/Complete end to symptoms associated with the herpes simplex virus

Our product comes with our 180 day Money-Back Guarantee.  This means that you have six months to try Dynamiclear – risk free!

If you are not completely happy, return your Dynamiclear anytime with your 6 month guarantee for a full refund (less postage).
To date, over 30,000 customers all over the world have found positive results with Dynamiclear!

“Dynamiclear is by far the best herpes treatment that I have come across to date.”
“I have been in full time professional practice since 1984 and during that time have treated the herpes lesions on many occasions. Dynamiclear is by far the best herpes treatment that I have come across to date.”
~ Dr John Spurge ND. B. Com. Doctor of Naturopathy ND (AAI) Bachelor of commerce B.Com. (UNSW).

Most Economical Herpes Treatment

Dynamiclear is the most economical herpes treatment on the market. For best results, it is applied ONLY once to each site of infection. One vial contains enough solution to treat up to 100 breakouts!

Compare Dynamiclear to other topicals and prescription drugs which need to be applied continuously and regularly refilled.

“We still have over half the bottle after over 12 months of use.”

“We ordered Dynamiclear over a year ago. I was amazed at how quickly it works and loved not having the inconvenience of going to the drug store monthly to have a prescription filled. My husband and I both use it and we still have over half the bottle after over 12 months of use. I would recommend it to anyone!!!”

~ L.R., Columbia, MS, USA

Dynamiclear is a UNIQUE herpes treatment

Dynamiclear works very differently to most herpes products. Most herpes medications act to “suppress” the virus in order to reduce outbreaks (they do not directly attack and destroy the virus).

Dynamiclear does not suppress the herpes virus, it destroys it on direct contact. Also, because Dynamiclear is NOT taken internally it avoids harmful side-effects.

You are not alone. Many, many people share the same circumstance. But there is relief in sight… try Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear could be the solution for YOU because:

1. Dynamiclear has Proven itself to tens of thousands of thankful users
2. Dynamiclear promotes Fast Healing Time which can be seen almost immediately
3. Dynamiclear is Extremely Economical because so little is needed per application
4. Dynamiclear is based on a Natural Anti-viral Formula
5. Outbreaks typically Continue to Reduce with Each Application
6. Time in between each outbreak typically becomes longer and longer
7. Dynamiclear has a 180 days Money Back Guarantee

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